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Dec. 6, 2018Your chance to get health care in 2018's almost gone:
Dec. 4, 2018No more
Nov. 9, 2018Onward and upward
Nov. 1, 2018Everyone on the team? Let's do this
Oct. 30, 2018One week to elect some terrific democrats:
Oct. 18, 2018The fight for justice starts with us:
Oct. 11, 2018It's almost time. Join me:
Oct. 9, 2018Join us this Thursday for a Facebook town hall
Oct. 4, 2018It's go time 🌊
Sept. 30, 2018what comes next
Sept. 26, 2018Connecticut ➡ Congress ➡ Connecticut
Sept. 24, 2018My promise to you:
Sept. 19, 2018Guns. In schools. From your tax dollars.
Sept. 17, 2018Our mission is clear
Sept. 14, 2018President Obama is 100 percent right.
Sept. 5, 2018Politically-motivated and disgusting.
Sept. 3, 2018A day in their shoes
Aug. 30, 2018We can be so much more
Aug. 26, 2018We must protect a woman's right to choose
Aug. 24, 2018A new, terrifying frontier in gun safety
Aug. 21, 2018Most productive witch hunt in history
Aug. 18, 2018[VIDEO] Rep. Jim Himes: There is plenty of evidence of collusion - Fox News
Aug. 14, 2018Are you ready?
Aug. 12, 2018hatred and bigotry, undone
Aug. 9, 2018What more can Republicans do to hurt children?
Aug. 2, 2018Ohio needs our support now
Aug. 2, 2018Sign the petition to fund gun-violence research
Aug. 2, 2018My commitment to you
July 27, 2018What you need to do now.
July 24, 2018We must protect Robert Mueller's investigation
July 23, 2018[VIDEO] Rep. Jim Himes on CNN on National Security - CNN
July 19, 2018I almost spit out my coffee
July 17, 2018"One of the most disgraceful performances by an American president"
July 16, 2018[VIDEO] Rep. Jim Himes on The Situation Room - CNN
July 14, 2018Why I'm hopeful, today of all days
July 4, 2018Recharging for the fight ahead
June 28, 2018I'm not holding my breath on this one
June 26, 2018[Petition] We MUST address gun violence in school
June 20, 2018What we can do, today, about the family separation nightmare:
June 19, 2018We cannot abandon our fellow Americans
June 18, 2018Here’s How You Can Help Fight Family Separation at the Border - Slate
June 17, 2018Unhappy Father's Day
June 12, 2018True honor
June 4, 2018Abandoning Americans in need
June 2, 2018🌈 Strength is love 🌈
May 26, 2018Denying health care to women
May 24, 2018[Petition] No endless war
May 14, 2018As I take the stage...
May 13, 2018One day left. Are you with us?
May 9, 2018Who changed your life?
May 7, 2018One week. One train ride. One critical opportunity.
May 3, 2018Rod Rosenstein
April 25, 2018Our mission. Let's accept it.
April 22, 2018We must not turn our backs on the Earth
Sept. 27, 2016Tax Break for Olympic Heroes? A Sole Lawmaker Says No - The New York Times
June 20, 2016Jim Himes on The Daily Show - The Daily Show
June 15, 2016How Connecticut Politicians Are Leading the Fight on Gun Control - Time
June 14, 2016Rep. Jim Himes: Why I walked out of the House’s moment of silence for Orlando - Washington Post
June 14, 2016Democratic Rep. Jim Himes Refuses To Stay Silent After Orlando Shooting Listen· 4:45 - NPR
June 13, 2016“Some Mock and Tepid Ritual of Sanctity” - Slate
June 13, 2016Congressman rejects 'moments of silence' over action in Congress - Rachel Maddow Show
Nov. 1, 2014Jim Himes has earned a fourth term - Connecticut Post
Oct. 30, 2014Himes for Congress - Greenwich Post
Oct. 30, 2014The Weston Forum’s Political Endorsements - The Weston Forum
Oct. 22, 2014Thoughtful, Moderate Himes Is Pick In 4th District - Hartford Courant

Meet Jim

Congressman Jim Himes is a tireless voice for common-sense, independent solutions to the challenges facing Connecticut. He's looking out for the middle class, fighting for affordable health care for all, taking on special interests like the NRA to end gun violence, and working to create economic opportunity for working families.

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