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Dec. 5, 2017What can you do to stop gun violence? Take action now:
Dec. 1, 2017No surprise here, Megen:
Nov. 21, 2017An unspoiled Arctic wilderness (+ oil derricks?)
Nov. 11, 2017A story in honor of Veterans Day:
Nov. 9, 2017I'm still up for the challenge - are you with me?
Oct. 17, 2017Here’s where I stand on tax reform
Oct. 4, 2017I told the Daily Show's Trevor Noah how America should react to the shooting in Las Vegas
Sept. 20, 2017The Equifax solution
Sept. 11, 2017From the rubble and heartbreak
Sept. 8, 2017A Digital Geneva Convention [Petition]
Sept. 6, 2017Totally heartless. Let’s defend our promise
Aug. 31, 2017Sign the petition to tell Trump to stand up for Dreamers!
Aug. 28, 2017You can’t keep Americans down.
Aug. 17, 2017When will Congress be brave?
Aug. 1, 2017Sign the petition: Keep the cameras on during press briefings!
July 18, 2017Concrete health care solutions
July 6, 2017Sign the petition to defend democracy!
June 20, 2017See you Saturday!
June 20, 2017Sign the petition to act on climate change!
June 12, 2017Honor through action
June 7, 2017Sign the petition for financial protections!
May 26, 2017 Gut Punch
May 24, 2017I'm looking at you, Mr. President
May 16, 2017Sign the petition: Protect the CFPB!
May 10, 2017Crisis mode: activated
May 4, 2017We've got to stop this
April 27, 2017Commonsense to Congress
April 26, 2017Kevin Kiley for Fairfield Board of Selectmen!
April 26, 2017Politics and science don't mix
April 24, 2017Our investigation into the Russian hack
April 15, 2017Hold Wall Street accountable
March 19, 2017It doesn't have to be this way.
March 15, 2017It's total baloney
March 12, 2017Empty promises
March 6, 2017Sign the petition: Overturn Citizens United!
March 3, 2017The truth about Russia. Now.
Feb. 16, 2017Protecting your privacy
Feb. 9, 2017Clean air and water? Or Big Oil's profits?
Feb. 1, 2017Trump's cruel order will cost innocent lives
Jan. 24, 2017Petition: Repealing the ACA isn't the answer
Jan. 20, 2017Tomorrow is the big day
Jan. 20, 2017Guns and schools don't mix.
Jan. 17, 2017Senator Booker's unprecedented testimony
Jan. 9, 2017Here's my bottom line:
Dec. 20, 2016Petition: Tell Trump to commit to the Paris Climate Agreement
Dec. 16, 2016The Electoral College should say no to Donald Trump
Dec. 14, 2016They would be in fifth grade today.
Dec. 6, 2016Trump's war-making authority
Nov. 9, 2016Decency always prevails
Nov. 4, 2016We can be a force for good
Sept. 27, 2016Tax Break for Olympic Heroes? A Sole Lawmaker Says No - The New York Times
June 20, 2016Jim Himes on The Daily Show - The Daily Show
June 15, 2016How Connecticut Politicians Are Leading the Fight on Gun Control - Time
June 14, 2016 Rep. Jim Himes: Why I walked out of the House’s moment of silence for Orlando - Washington Post
June 14, 2016Democratic Rep. Jim Himes Refuses To Stay Silent After Orlando Shooting Listen· 4:45 - NPR
June 13, 2016“Some Mock and Tepid Ritual of Sanctity” - Slate
June 13, 2016Congressman rejects 'moments of silence' over action in Congress - Rachel Maddow Show
Nov. 1, 2014Jim Himes has earned a fourth term - Connecticut Post
Oct. 30, 2014Himes for Congress - Greenwich Post
Oct. 30, 2014The Weston Forum’s Political Endorsements - The Weston Forum
Oct. 22, 2014Thoughtful, Moderate Himes Is Pick In 4th District - Hartford Courant

Meet Jim

Jim Himes is a progressive champion willing to take a stand for what is right. He is fighting for a safer, cleaner, more just future for Connecticut's children.

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