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Jim is proud to have received wide support from people, organizations and newspapers representing each corner of the fourth congressional district.

Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate

2018 Organizational Endorsements

End Citizens United


League of Conservation Voters

The Sierra Club

National Association of Social Workers

Human Rights Campaign

Connecticut Educators Association

CSEA/SEIU Local 2001

National Association of Home Builders

International Association of Fire Fighters

Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund

Individual Testimonials

Jim is a thoughtful and creative problem solver. In this current hostile political environment, he is a shinning light of hope as someone who is actively seeking bipartisan cooperation in order to solve the problems of his constituents and the nation as a whole. Jim understands that job growth and fiscal responsibility are critical to our economic future. His strong business experience gives him the practical knowledge needed to reach these goals. Yet he also understands that a strong business environment does not have to come at the cost of the environment. This is the kind of outside-of-the-box thinking we need more of.

On a personal note, when the IRS mad a mistake with a non-profit I work with. This mistake negatively impacted the organization's ability to fulfill its mission, Jim intervened and helped solve the problem. Today our non-profit is once again thriving and doing its job. I am registered as an independent, but I have always supported Jim Himes. He has been a very effective representative and I am sure he will continue to work to make the lives of Americans more secure and productive.Eunice, Greenwich

I am and remain so impressed with Congressman Himes. I first saw him in action at a raucous healthcare town hall meeting and was so impressed with way he handled himself and gave all attendees a fair hearing. With his education and work experience it come as no surprise that he works hard at representing everyone, and does it in a least partisan and angry manner. He's a good man and effective and communicative legislator working hard for all his constituents. We need more like him in Congress. We absolutely should re-elect Jim Himes. Edward, Norwalk

As a member of the Easton Board of Selectmen, I am proud to endorse Jim Himes for Congress. He has been a terrific member of Congress and will continue to work hard for our town and our district and for all Americans.Bob, Easton

I'm proud to have Jim Himes standing up for us on Capitol Hill.Dave, Monroe

I am endorsing Jim even though I don't know who is running against him. I also voted for him in 2010, and he has performed rigorously and consistently in Congress for the last two years.George, Ridgefield

Jim continues to be an amazing Representative who is in it for the good of his constituents, not for his own selfish motives, greed, power and the need to be "right" like so many other politicians. I believe he acts as a person who actually cares, not a politician who is tethered to party lines. I am honored to be in his district and I applaud his fearlessness, honest stand and intelligence. Thank you, Jim. I really appreciate you.Elena, Wilton

I totally support all of the thoughtful and good positive efforts that Jim has worked for over the past four years. We need Jim to win in November so that he can continue to provide the leadership and bi-partisan approach needed to move our country forward. Jim has worked tirelessly to help all of his constituents. He understands completely what we need in this part of Connecticut and will do his absolute best to help make it happen. Please join me in working for Jim's re-election. Colin, Stamford

I support Jim Himes because he has been fighting relentlessly for the interests of all his constituents. He knows the issues well and he works tirelessly to help all people, especially senior citizens with their health care issues. Vinh, Greenwich

Jim Himes brings an intelligent and considered view to the political conversation. He is an independent thinker who does not just tow the party line. He is of the highest integrity and calls it like he sees it, unafraid to stand up for his beliefs. Jim works hard to speak for ALL his CT constituents, especially those whose own voices might be lost among the Big Money media noise in today's world. I am proud to strongly endorse Jim Himes for Congress.Barbara, Riverside

I want my Congressman to be someone who fights for the middle class by ensuring the growth of our economy in tough times. I support Jim Himes because he represents me. Nick, Monroe</span

I'm for Himes because he supports the issues that I care about. Hans, Weston</span

Congressman Himes truly represents his constituents for the better good of all people. Bernard, New Canaan

Jim understands the economy and works across the aisle. He is a moderate Democrat with progressive social ideas and fiscal responsibility. Exactly what we need in Washington! Leslie, Greenwich

I'm supporting Congressman Himes in his bid for re-election. He's in touch with his district, which is possibly the most economically diverse in the country. He's done a masterful job of balancing all his constituents wants and needs, and that ain't easy.....Tom, Easton

Himes respects women and supports their rights. He is the ONLY candidate for me!Betsy, Westport

Jim embodies all that America needs. Compassion, Character and Honesty. Donald, Trumbull

Jim Himes might be the smartest person in Congress. He is the ideal representative for southwestern Connecticut - an intelligent, pragmatic, non-partisan thinker - and I'm proud to support him.David, Greenwich

I'm for Jim Himes for Congress because of his continued support of the ACA.Alexis, Westport

I wholeheartedly endorse Jim Himes for Congress. During the past two years he has proven to be a thoughtful, dedicated representative, one who listens, questions, and attempts to solve difficult problems, always focusing on what is best for the country.Anita, Trumbull

I feel extremely fortunate to have a Congressman like Jim, smart, sound, a man of integrity. The greed and corruption that fills so much of our civic space does not touch him -- and he understands the issues.Anne, Cos Cob

Jim is an amazing public servant, period. He is thoughtful, pragmatic, caring, intelligent, and honest. Unlike many of his peers, Jim strives to make things happen in the House, while still remaining faithful to his constituency. Jim is easy to talk to. I've run into and talked to Jim on the train, on the street, at local BBQ's, and at the grocery store. Many CT-4 residents can cite similar experiences. He's a wonderful listener and is incredibly patient - but he can be a stubborn fighter when we need him to be on the floor. We are lucky to have such a fantastic representative in an otherwise upsetting Congress. Laurence, Riverside

I would like to endorse Mr. Jim Himes for Congress because he has everything it takes to be a good representative for our state in Washington.Eva, Stamford

He is for the people of Connecticut and this country.Cindy, Stamford

Jim has worked hard with our small company over the last several years to support us in developing technology jobs in CT. He has always made himself available to our team to understand our complex technology solution and has been extremely supportive. Jim understands the business of creating jobs and I fully endorse his reelection. We need more Congressmen like Jim who have a CAN DO attitude toward small business. Phillip, Wilton

I met Jim along time ago, when he was chair of the party in Greenwich. I am supporting him. He does alot for housing the homeless, and he tells the truth. I am supporting him for that. I think he will help the 4th cd on a lot of issues. He also helped us in Westport during the flooding of the downtown and the beach. I am so proud he came to help all of us and he will continue to do great.Sal, Westport

I'm for Jim Himes for Congress because I am delighted with his record so far, and because he is really committed to understanding the issues that his constituents face, and working on improving things in his district and in the nation! Cathy, Stamford

Jim Himes is no ideologue. He is driven by pragmatism and compassion, the two qualities we need most in our representatives these days. No apparatchik, he forms his own ideas and follows his own path. Jim gives me hope that we can break the terrible logjam that has brought Congress to a standstill. He deserves the enthusiastic support not just of Democrats but of all who believe that, with the right people in place, the system can work. Dave, Ridgefield

Jim Himes has been an outstanding representative of both men and women in Southwestern Connecticut. He deserves to be re-elected.Margaret, New Canaan

How refreshing to have a representative who truly represents. After having contacted several members of Congress and the Attorney General's office regarding an issue that not only I have faced but that others face, and that is not being adequately addressed, Jim Himes was the only one whose office contacted me personally. A delightfully sincere and pleasant man, he took a significant piece of his busy day to sit down with me, truly listen to my concern, and research potential solutions. Everyone else I contacted (both Republican and Democrat), sent nothing but a brief form letter apologizing for his or her inability to help. I sincerely hope that Jim Himes plans to represent the 4th District for a long time to come. He truly represents his constituency in exactly the way our forefathers imagined. Susan, Monroe

Jim is doing a great job and understands the issues we face regarding the economy and deficit. Robert, Stamford

Congressman Himes has been a true friend to the City of Bridgeport. He has been diligent in fighting for us in Washington. It is mostly thanks to him that we are seeing the Steelpointe project come to fruition. When the TIGER grant was threatened, Congressman Himes rallied our delegation and stood up for Bridgeport. This project now has not only a pulse but has life and a very bright future.

This is just one of many, many examples of how well represented the City of Bridgeport is in Washington with Jim in the House. Bridgeport wins with Jim Himes looking out for us. Susan, Bridgeport

Jim is working to improve our government in all the areas I think government should be involved in our lives--protecting the environment and human rights (including reproductive rights), providing a better system of health care so that everyone can receive preventive care, regulating the financial industry, and finding best practices in education to make our country's workforce capable and intelligent. I am a social liberal with great appreciation for my good fortune and a moral obligation to help others. I am also a fiscal conservative, and I don't think those characteristics are mutually exclusive. I believe the titles "Republican" or "Democrat" are outdated. Governing is complex, and I think Jim makes smart decisions. He reflects my values and principles, and we are very lucky to have him in office. Let's work to keep him there! Leslie, Greenwich

Jim's office helped convince Bank of America to refinance my mortgage. I am self-employed and the bank was stonewalling. Jim is the Real Deal.Stephen, Norwalk

I endorse Jim Himes for reelection to Congress! Janet, Greenwich

He believes in the city of Bridgeport. He has done his best to make our city a better place. His office staff is very helpful and concerned. Furthermore, he has an educational background that suits the needs of residents and makes him qualified for the job! John, Bridgeport

Trust. Integrity. Passion. Why do we support Jim? He's committed to doing the right thing for all of us.Alison, Stamford

I met Jim in 2008 at Stamford Public Library where he was making a presentation in his bid to run for the House of Representatives from Connecticut's 4th District. I was impressed by his incredible knowledge of the issues and his professional delivery of the necessary changes to be made. Since then I have met up with Jim at several different venues and remain as awed by his talent as I was initially.

There is no doubt in my mind that his brilliant political savvy will earn him continued reelection to Congress. If it is only his flexibility of bipartisanship that earn him merit with the 4th District electorate -- and without question his attributes far exceed that narrow balance -- then he will maneuver deftly through the difficulties of representing us in Fairfield County ably, fairly, and successfully for all voters concerned.

Reelect Jim Himes -- his greatness will benefit us all! Rick, Stamford

Jim has a sensible, balanced approach to government, community and personal involvement and responsibilities. I enthusiastically support his re-election to Congress.Janet, Greenwich

Jim is a rare politician who does not vote the party line. He thinks through the issues, forms his positions, and then presents those views and positions to us, allowing us to give feedback. He uses his intelligence and the views of his constituents to decide how he votes. Mary, Greenwich

Jim has been a true partner with his constituents. He has an open door policy and is always willing and able to make time to discuss issues, concerns and legislation. Jim has served our community, and our country, with great honor, respect and thoughtfulness. Sumana, Stamford

Jim has done a great job representing the 4th District. We need his sane and sensible voice in Congress.Jay, Stamford

I support Jim Himes because he is a positive force for sanity and moderation who has remained above the nasty and counter-productive mess in Washington.Joyce, Southport

While I was optimistic that Jim Himes would be a great Congressman, he has exceeded my expectations. Jim brings a voice of reason, calm diplomacy and great intelligence to his role. I am grateful for his hard work! Monica, Darien

Our country needs more folks like Jim Himes in Washington. Someone with common sense, integrity, and a true concern for our state. Someone who is willing to cut through the usual political games to get things done AND do the right thing. In these tough economic times I greatly appreciate Jim's commitment to proactive communication and willingness to address all issues that arise - whether the news is good or bad. Regardless of which way you plan to vote for President, let's remember all the good Jim has done and send him back to Congress to keep working for us!Jayne, Ridgefield

If all legislators were as thoughtful, knowledgable and responsible as Jim Himes, the House of Representatives would have a 97% approval rating instead of 7%, and our state and country would have benefitted from the many initiatives blocked or killed by the obstructionist Republicans. I am proud to endorse Representative Jim Himes... proud as voter, proud as a Democrat, proud as a resident of the Constitution State.

Thank you Representative Himes. Thank you Connecticut.V.K., Ridgefield

Jim has done a great job representing the fourth district and -- particularly important to me -- my hometown of Bridgeport. Jim understands that when it comes to America "we all built it" not just the wealthy!David, Bridgeport

Simply: he's the best Congressman ever. Mary, New Canaan

Jim Himes is a very brave public servant. The fact that Jim held public forums all around the region he represents to answer questions about the Affordable Care Act and, while the citizens were at their most emotional, never failed to answer their questions is a reflection of that bravery. Seems like when the whole world around him, mostly his voters, are in a panic, Jim keeps his calm and seeks out the truth in situations . . . even when it means saying, "Yes, that part of the Act needs refining." I've been in healthcare for 20+ years and the whole system is monumentally complex. It can be "fixed," but it won't be done over night. Don't throw out the baby with the bathwater. Keep the Affordable Care Act and refine the areas which need it. Also, in all my years I've never seen any legislation that has been passed be perfect the first time around. It always needs adjusting and refining, since it is an imperfect process facilitated by human beings, some of whom are decidedly against participating in the process, because of who they think might get the credit. Linda Horbal

Jim Himes genuinely cares about the people in the 4th District. He has supported strong schools, helping healthcare for the many, and bringing attention to the various needs of Fairfield County. His support for Women and Youth has been exemplary. Perhaps as a devoted husband and the father of two young ladies he understands the issues beyond the buzz words of politics. Your health and well being are primary to Jim's dedication to this Congressional District.Mose, Wilton

Jim does a great job representing his constituents and standing up for the interests of ordinary people throughout our state. He's not a big government guy, but he doesn't think government is inherently evil like many Republicans seem to believe, particularly the tea party crowd. We need more people like Jim in Washington who are willing to reach across to the other side in order to get things done and move our country forward.James Meisner

We are fortunate indeed to have a Congressman like Jim Himes who will continue his thoughtful support for the best interests of Connecticut citizens and all Americans. His support of women's rights, affordable health care for all, and equal pay for equal work helps give women an equal shot at economic independence for themselves and their families. This is important for all of America. Thank you, Jim Himes!Josephine, New Canaan

We must keep Jim in Washington. He will work hard for our District and for the good of the entire country.Carol, Norwalk

Jim Himes is the kind of intelligent, hard working, man of the people that we need in Congress. He understands and cares about the plight of the middle class. Jim can navigate through the complexities of our economy and help create jobs in Connecticut and in the United States. As a father he understands about the need to improve education and make higher education accessible to all. I am a Human rights Referee dealing with enforcing our anti-discrimination laws and I am proud of everything Jim has done to insure equality for everyone. Michele, Monroe

We in the 4th CD are so lucky to have Jim Himes as our Congressman. Jim is a unique combination of brains, thoughtfulness, compassion and determination. We MUST re-elect Jim Himes this year - too much is at stake.Amy, Weston

Jim Himes is an amazing Congressman. Our views really line up and he definitely represents the values I stand for. Bruno Machaivelo-Tinoco

I support Jim Himes for Congress because he has a handle on the issues and makes Congress accountable. Liz, Norwalk

Jim listens to all sides of an issue. He cuts through the rhetoric and gets to the heart of the issue and makes wise choices for the residents fo the 4th CD. I am so glad he represents me. Deborah, Wilton

Jim has earned my support Elizabeth, Norwalk

I support Jim Himes because he is committed to helping children obtain good medical care so that they can be more successful in school. The first step to financial independence is a good education and Jim's goal is to help people improve their lives.Judy, Cos Cob

This man stand for the values that I embrace. He toes the line on all issues confronting his constituents. He and his staff remain approachable and readily respond to inquiries. In my profession, Jim understands the ties existing in the Energy and Finance Sectors. He is prudent and trustworthy! He is firm in character, yet can adapt to respect and understand the various cultures spanning the 4th District. He is all this to his constituents and still Dad and Husband at home. I respect this man and support his candidacy! Steve, Stamford

Honest. Intelligent. Knowledgeable yet always open to listen, learn and consider input from constituents of all stripes. Reality based; recognizing intransigence doesn't move us forward, yet true to basic principles of fairness, human dignity and the Constitutional rights of all of us.

Values the rights of women and their ability to make their own decisions about their own healthcare. Values fairness of equal pay for equal work. Values the importance of human beings over the contrived 'rights' of a corporation.

No question- I endorse and will vote for Jim Himes for Congress this November!!!Elizabeth, Ridgefield

Jim Himes has a voting record that makes his positions clear. He stands behind his vote for the Affordable Care Act, which will extend healthcare coverage to millions of Americans. He is working to find fair, balanced solutions to our fiscal problems, being called a “hero” by USA Today for voting for a compromise budget modeled on Obama’s bipartisan Simpson-Bowles Commission. Congressman Himes is the thoughtful, bipartisan legislator we need to move the country forward. He deserves to be re-elected.Jonathan, Cos Cob

I am proud to endorse you. I'm for Himes because you are progressive and productive and will build a caucus of other Congressional members who DON'T think the current unrelenting crisis mode is the best way to get results.Jennifer, Riverside

He has the respect of my daughter, Liv, one of his interns and if he's earned that, he's okay in my book. Oh, that and everything else about him and what he honorably stands for!!Liz, Darien

I am with Himes because I believe Jim agrees that population pressures and environmental problems are linked, and that women must have the rights and ability to manage their own fertility.Toddy, New Canaan

I will definitely vote for Jim. He is the best candidate on the whole Democratic slate!Linda, Wilton

He really cares about people. Helping people, working with people, listening to people, befriending people, learning from people.

That's why I'm for Jim Himes.Sandra, New Canaan

Thoughtful, intelligent, wants to solve problems -- Jim is in the best tradition of public service. Charles, Riverside

We need Jim Himes to continue to support rational and reasonable solutions to the country's problems. Donald, Ridgefield

Jim has MY vote!David, Westport

We are fortunate to have a Congressman as qualified and dedicated as Jim Himes. He has become a recognized leader on economic issues in less than four years in the House of Representatives. His ability to work across the aisle and his determination to attack our debt problem without harming those in most need are traits that serve Connecticut and the nation well. I endorse his reelection.Eileen, Stamford

Jim follows his conscience in doing what he knows is best for his constituents and all Americans.Theresa, Trumbull

He is a man of uncommon intelligence, compassion, integrity, and insight. He has shown grace countless times in the face of hyper-partisan criticism and attacks. He is one of the good guys.Charlie, Ridgefield

Jim's done a great job for CT and for our country. We need him in Congress to protect our national interests no matter who is elected president. He has an ideal background in finance, public service and international living to understand and vote wisely on our most critical issues.Dan, Stamford

Jim is the kind of pragmatic, solutions-oriented, moderate congressman that is exactly what our country needs. It is only by re-electing Jim and electing more candidates like him, that our country's urgent problems will ever be solved.Robert, Stamford

At a crucial time in our nation, state, and district's history Jim has the knowledge, integrity and courage to do both the right thing and the smart thing. David, Bridgeport

I'm behind Jim 110%. Peter, Stamford

I'm voting for Jim Himes because I believe that, when put in the right hands, government can be a force for good. Eric, Westport

We must keep Jim as our representative in Congress in order to continue the progress that he and others have made to bring our country back to solvency and compassion. Colin, Stamford

I have met with Jim Himes on three different occasions and his knowledge on the problems dealing with our economy are in depth and very good. His support of the Simpson-Bowles plan is just what we need and as a executive for developing international export business I believe Jim's understanding of complex economic issues is just what we need in Washington. I wish him a long and successful career in Washington.Edward, Westport

His honesty in the affairs of politics and his decency to treat equally -- with respect -- his constituents, speaks loudly of him. Keep up the good work Jim!Felipe, Bridgeport

I endorse Jim Himes for Congress because he is clearly the better candidate. He has more experience, he helped bring funds to the 4th district where it was desperately needed, and his Congressional staff are the best in the country, whether it's immigration, Veterans Affairs, grants, or housing issues, they are always there to help!Matt, Trumbull

I endorse Jim Himes because he is an intelligent, articulate and responsive representative for a very diverse constituency. He is forward-thinking and solution-oriented with a commendable record of achievement I have every confidence that he will continue to represent the 4th district in his third term, on issues such as education, fiscal responsiblity, jobs, the environment, and transportation as he has in his first and second terms. We are very fortunate to have such a congressman who has consistently done so much for all of us. Himes will always have my vote.Jennifer, Wilton

Living in Connecticut in the past few years presented me with a unique opportunity. I had the chance to vote for candidates I genuinely supported and who I largely agreed with rather simply than picking the least objectionable contender. The first time I met Mr. Himes several years ago when he was first running for office, he was willing to take a few minutes out of a busy schedule to answer a tough question and answer it fully. Since that election, Congressman Himes has continued to reach out to his constituents, to answer their questions face-to-face, and to take the extra time to talk with those who have urgent questions about issues affecting their day-to-day lives and do what he and his office can to help.

Simply put, Congressman Himes is a representative I was and still am proud of voting for, and who I know will keep the best interests of his constituents in mind during his time in Washington. Ian, Fairfield

We endorse Jim Himes for Congress because he has shown himself to be a dedicated, thoughtful, intelligent politician who wishes, above all, to represent his constituents and uphold their values in Washington. He deserves to be re-elected.Lynne & Harry, Ridgefield

A great guy, a great family man.Darren, Cos Cob

I voted for Mr. Himes in the past, and will do so again! He is working to keep our country moving forward, not backwards! William, Ridgefield

My family and I support (always) Congressman Jim Himes!!!!AmyMarie, Bridgeport

Meet Jim

Congressman Jim Himes is a tireless voice for common-sense, independent solutions to the challenges facing Connecticut. He's looking out for the middle class, fighting for affordable health care for all, taking on special interests like the NRA to end gun violence, and working to create economic opportunity for working families.

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