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🌈 Strength is love 🌈

There's so much to celebrate in the long struggle for equal rights for our LGBTQ fellow Americans. Pride Month is a time to honor our victories, from marriage equality to workplace protections to gender-neutral identification options on driver's licenses, and to recommit ourselves to the push for equal rights for all of us.

Of course, like everything in Trump's America, we cannot rest easy. The White House policy that disqualifies most transgender people from serving in the U.S. military is just one example of the dangerous and slippery slope our nation could slide down. We must be vigilant in protecting rights and ensuring that the clock is not turned back on progress.

And so, this month, we come together as a community to celebrate how far we've come. We have strength in numbers. In love. In embracing the diversity that makes up our shared humanity.

I look forward to attending my local celebration, Fairfield County Pride in the Park, at Matthews Park in Norwalk on June 9. I hope you all enjoy the events in your towns.

Happy Pride Month.


Posted on June 2, 2018.

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