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Sign the petition: tell Congress to reject the NRA

Lives are lost. Memorials pass. And, with each act of gun violence, nothing changes.

There are two things we must do right now if we're going to curb our national gun violence epidemic.

  • Talk about our real policy plans to fix this, then vote on them. No more half-measures. No more "thoughts and prayers” without action.

  • Curb the NRA's destructive influence on our democracy.

I'm writing to you today about that second one.

Please join me as I urge Republican leaders in Congress to reject the NRA and return the organization's money.

As long as the NRA wields overreaching influence on our nation's gun laws, nothing will get done.

The first step to passing commonsense gun violence reforms? Rejecting the NRA.

Take action. Join the movement. Sign our petition calling on Republican leaders to reject the NRA's money and support.


Posted on March 12, 2018.

Meet Jim

Jim Himes is a progressive champion willing to take a stand for what is right. He is fighting for a safer, cleaner, more just future for Connecticut's children.

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